Episode 18, Dr John Kilburn, Words to Survivors and Caregivers

June 18, 2017

Dr John Kilburn

Dr. John C. Kilburn Jr. is the Associate Vice President for Research and Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Texas A&M International University.

He has been a stroke survivor since November 27, 2001.

In this episode, John shares his story and his advice to survivors and caregivers.

This episode was brought to us by the Laredo Stroke Support Group.

0’48, Early Life, and family history.
2’48’’ Life before stroke.
4’30’’ How did stroke change John’s life?
6’40’’ Were there any signs of stroke?
6’58’’ Memories of what happened on the day of stroke.
10’34 Memory of the initial days in the hospital
12’48 Initial recovery.
13’03 John’s remarkable mother in law. How did she help?
14’30 Initial therapies.
18’07 How can marital counselors be helpful?
20’53 “You do not look like you had a stroke”
22’45’’ Health after stroke
25’50’’ Advice to survivors
30’10” Live life!
31’03” Message to caregivers
34’04” We are not alone
35’10” Thank you! Laredo Stroke Support Group

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