Episode 19, Kati and Henning Vander Hoeven, Imagine That

June 18, 2017

Kati was flourishing as a supermodel when a devastating stroke derailed her life and career at the age of 21. Since then, 95% of her body has been paralyzed.

Kati overcame her early depression. She rebuilt her life and met her wonderful husband Henning Vander Hoeven. Together they blog on Huffington Post, present at TED Talks, and actively championing for stroke survivors worldwide.

In this episode, Henning and Kati share their remarkable lives in detai. How they transformed their own lives as life transforms them.:

0’45’’ Intro of Kati and Henning.
1’27’’ What Happened to Kati?
3’00’’ Were there signs of stroke?
4’21” The impaired mobility. Lost connection between brain and the body.
5’10’’ Kati’s videos of her own therapies.
6’30’’ New life as a blogger and public speaker.
7’30’’ Awareness of Locked in Syndrome.
9’00” Make something meaningful out of tragedy.
9’22’’ Imagine That – TED Talk presentations.
10’00’’ Biggest challenge in Kati’s journey – acceptance and paradigm shift.
12’40’’ Adaptation.
13’04’’ How did Kati and Henning meet?
15’05’’ How did Kati communicate via computer”
17’27’’ How did Kati get out of her initial depression?
19’21’’ Traveling together.
20’40’’ Where are the opportunities to improve stroke care?
24’10’’ Advice to caregivers.
25’53’’ How does the audience react to Kati’s presentations?
27’50’’ What does the audience often ask?
29’17’’ Kati cooks at home.
30’08’’ What is the most memorable experience in traveling?
30’38’’ Recent trip to London.
33’41’’ Kati’s blog about rising to challenge.
35’20’’ How did stroke transform Kati and Henning
36’53’’ How many languages do Kati and Henning speak?





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