Episode 20 Keith Taylor, A Survivor And His Training Program

June 25, 2017

Keith was a business owner about to travel to Seattle when his family noticed something was wrong. Keith suffered a stroke.

He had to sell his ownership and went on a journey of transformation. Keith is now building a training program to help survivors wanting to get back to business.

Listen to Keith’s story.

0’44’’ Keith’s story.
3’00’’ the hardest part of having a stroke.
4’34’’ The experience of driving.
7’40’’ BASE program. A training program Keith is building.
11’35’’ Why a survivor can provide unique perspectives in recovery?
13’07’’ The challenge of going back to work.
15’17’’ Depression – how does BASE address that?
20’11’’ Finding a new purpose for life after stroke.
23’00’’ How to find Keith’s program?

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