Episode 24, What Does Sue Want To Say About Integrative Medicine

July 16, 2017

Sue Mustalish RN, BHS, HNC is founder of Solflower Health Consultants, a holistic health practice integrating mindfulness, wellness, reflexology and end of life matters.

Her forty years of nursing experience in a wide variety of areas and her mindfulness practice inform her health philosophy. She believes each individual has the capacity to recognize and effect their own health and wellness potential.

Listen to Sue tell you about Integrative medicine.

0’55’’ What does Solflower Health Consultant do?
2’36’’ What made Sue to start Solflower Health Consultants?
4’24’’ What is integrative medicine?
7’50’’ why integrative medicine?
10’11’’ The difference between integrative medicine and western medicine?
15’25’’ How is the attitude changing towards integrative medicine?
16’28’’ How did Sue discover Mindfulness?
20’00’’ How can mindfulness help caregivers?
22’20’’ How to find a good mindfulness coach?
25’40’’ How does Sue offer her consultancy?
26’26’’ What does Sue want people to know?

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