Episode 39 A New Approach To Heal Stroke – Chiropractic Neurology and Innovabrain

October 23, 2017

From left to right, Leslie, Dr Patterson and Dr Duffy

What is chiropractic neurology and is it a compliment to my stroke recovery?

Meet Dr. Duffy, Dr. Patterson and Leslie of Innova Brain Rehabilitation.

Their chiropractic neurology clinic outside of Atlanta, GA specializes in the treatment of brain injury, stroke, and neurodegenerative diseases, without using medication or surgery.

Chiropractic Neurologists use state of the art diagnostics to identify areas of the brain that have been compromised by injury or disorder, and then target these areas with oculomotor exercises, vestibular rehabilitation and other innovative modalities to create new pathways – pathways that lead to improved function, better cognitive thinking, or less pain. Tune in to learn more!

You may find more about Innovabrain at www.innovabrain.com. Interact with the click on their Strokefocus page. Or contact the clinic at 770.485.6554

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