Episode 50, Maureen Harrington And Her Book Project

December 17, 2017

Maureen Harrington is currently writing a book about the role of resilience and neuroplasticity in stroke recovery. The stories of survivors, caregivers, therapists and medical professionals show the way to, not only survive, but thrive post stroke.

After over twenty years in journalism (TIME and PEOPLE magazines, Reuters and The Denver Post among others) Maureen found a passion project in the stroke community. She had first-hand experience with stroke. Her mother had a mild stroke with good recovery, but her paternal grandfather died from an aneurysm in his early thirties. “Stroke has always been a shadow hanging over my family”.

Listen to this interview. Mareen will discuss her unique book project, and how she connects to survivors and what she has learned about neuroplasticity and stroke recovery.




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