Episode 54 Positive Outlook Equals Positive Outcome – Julia Fox Garrison and Her Remarkable Stories

January 14, 2018

If you are looking for an example how people successful turn stroke into an inspiring story of personal transformation and empowerment, look no further.

July 17th, 1997, 5 day after her son turned 3, Julia Fox Garrison’s life changed forever. She was only 37 years old. A massive hemorrhagic stroke nearly took her life. According to Julia, she literally died on the operation table. Undeterred, Julia refused to give up. She has not only recovered amazingly but also taken on a new mission for her life.


Julia has a lot to say and lessons to share about humor, inner strength, and self-determination.  Harper-Collins published  Julia’s best-seller Don’t Leave Me This Way (or when I get back on my feet you’ll be sorry). The book was selected for the top 7 Must Read books for anyone pursuing a nursing career. It also won the Applied Association of Therapeutic Humor (AATH) award for furthering their mission—humor in medicine, and was previously recognized by Reader’s Digest as ‘Today’s Best Nonfiction’.

Since the book’s national publication Julia is not only an author but a national motivational speaker and health care advocate promoting empowerment and humanity in all walks of life. She had numerous interviews with Dr Oz, Good Morning America, Oprah and Friends, People Magazine so on and so forth.

This is how Dr. Oz depicts the essence of her message, “A stroke (literally) of luck helped Julia define the essence of her life. Her inspirational story can help us find ours.”

Julia attributes her achievements to faith. 

In today’s episode, Julia will share with our host Cam her remarkable story.

For more information about Julia, visit her site.

This episode was brought to you by one of our dear guests Professor Debra Meyerson, also a stroke survivor. To know more about Debra, visit her site.


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