Episode 58 Sing Along – The Backstrokes Community Music Group For Stroke Survivors

February 10, 2018

Anne Tillinghast and Keith Parkhurst, The Backstrokes Community Music Group

Years ago, Anne was working as a medical scheduler for the Oregon Health & Science University.  She learned how hard it is for stroke survivors. Once discharged, the support is weak. Most survivors leave hospitals in a wheelchair.

She wanted to do something to change.

Anne quit her job. With the support of her husband, started forming the Backstrokes Support Group. A group that uses community music to help survivors recover. She found a professional musician to help.

Today, Backstrokes has really grown to include 3 groups. They are reported by major local and national TV stations. In 2017, Anne and her team won the RAISE Award by the National Stroke Association.

This is how National Stroke Association introduces Anne’s group:

The Backstrokes Community Music Group, a unique support group in Oregon, is a twice-weekly community sing-along and music group that is made up of stroke survivors and caregivers. This dedicated group offers peer-support, community engagement, and fun through singing and/or playing instruments such as the guitar and ukulele.

Listen to Anne and her group tell you their remarkable and fun journey.

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