Episode 60 – Support Is The Theme, Interview With World Stroke Organization

February 28, 2018

Sarah Belson, International Development Manager, World Stroke Organization

Our guest this week is Sarah Belson who has over 20 years’ experience working in international development, supporting local organisations to set up, deliver community activities and engage in advocacy.

She has worked with the World Stroke Organization (WSO) for nearly 3 years and loves her job; she finds working on stroke awareness and support globally a much more equalising way to engage in international development.

Stroke knows no borders, it is a global problem, not restricted to one area of the globe, and we therefore need to address this globally in collaboration and partnership with others.

SSO Podcast series – Intro

The World Stroke Organization (WSO) is the world’s leading organization in the fight against stroke and was established in 2006.  Today, it has more than 4000 individual members and over 60 society members from 85 different countries. Its mission is to reduce the global burden of stroke through prevention, treatment and long term care.


Patient stroke support organisations (SSOs) have a huge role to play in reducing this burden, and WSO is committed to supporting their development. SSOs vary; they might be run by stroke survivors, by healthcare professionals or a mixture of both. Some offer information and advice to stroke patients, and others might also provide peer support, rehabilitation or welfare services. Some also engage in campaigning, lobbying for better services, or funding stroke research.


But despite all this variety, SSOs are united in a common goal: to reduce the negative impact of stroke on individuals, their families and wider society.


Strokefocus is an SSO member of WSO and this exciting SSO podcast initiative is a great opportunity to connect members of the global SSO network, to hear each other’s stories and to raise the voice of people affected by stroke.


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