Episode 61 Dan Ridge – The Entrepreneur Who Survived A Stroke

March 4, 2018

Dan Ridge, the entrepreneur

Dan Ridge is a retired entrepreneur and stroke survivor. In 2008, he founded the CATO Services, a business to handle recruiting. Since 2007, he has been the Consultant and Chief Star Gazer (Visionary) for a talent acquisition and retention consulting firm that helps clients identify the state of their hiring and retention process and helps them move from where they are now to where they want to be and helps them achieve some level of improvement in their process.

3 years ago, Dan suffered a stroke. Unlike other survivors, his speech and mobility has been left intact. Stroke did damage to his vision.

At the beginning, Dan had no one to compare to. But after knowing more and more survivors, he realized how lucky he was. He also developed a deep appreciation of how strong survivors are. “They are in wheel chairs. They have lost their speech. But they keep trying. Some get something back in 10 years. They still want to do things.”

Dan wants to set up a business to recruit 4-5 stroke survivors and teach them how to do recruiting. Listen to Dan who shares his idea with Dan.



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