Episode 64 – Interview With Evans, Founder of Stroke Association of Kenya

April 1, 2018

Evans, the pharmacist who created the Stroke Association of Kenya after stroke.

Stroke Association Of Kenya was established in the year 2015 as stroke became more common in Kenya. Its founder Evans was a pharmacist before his stroke.

What happened to him not only changed his life but also the stroke care in his country. Troubled by lack of support in his recovery, Evans created the organization to raise awareness, promote training and advocate rehabilitation. Evans and his team have been made progress despite the resource constraints.

Stroke Association of Kenya is a nonprofit organization entirely driven by survivors, It is a platform for survivors to speak in one voice. Since its birth, the organization has moved swiftly to make a change.

Survivors want their voice heard. They want to lead a meaningful life after stroke. Providing help has been the mission of the Stroke Association of Kenya.

Listen to Evans introducing his organization to Cam. This episode was brought to you by the World Stroke Organization (WSO). Many thanks to Sarah Belson, International Development Manager of WSO.



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