Episode 81 A New Approach Few Know About – Interview With Nadia and Tessa

August 26, 2018

Nadia (left) and Tessa (right)

The Anat Baniel Method®/NeuroMovement® is an intervention that uses gentle movement to create new connections in the brain. For stroke survivors, NeuroMovment offers a way to tap into the power of neuroplasticity and re-map the neural connections lost in a stroke. This summer, Cam Compton had the opportunity to work with Tessa Thompson and Nadia Vizitei, two certified NeuroMovement practitioners working in St. Louis, MO. In this interview, Cam talks with Tessa and Nadia about what NeuroMovement is, how it was developed, and how it can help stroke survivors.

Listen to the interesting interview between Nadia, Tessa and Cam.

The following resources might be interesting to you:

  1. The NeuroMovement Website page discussing stroke: http://neuromovement.com/adults-and-neuromovement/stroke-brain-injury-neuromovement/
  2. Anat’s find a practitioner page: https://www.anatbanielmethod.com/search
  3. The neuro connect practitioner listing: http://www.neuroconnect.world
  4. Nadia’s website: https://www.candeomovement.com
  5. Tessa’s page on the Sophia Collective website: https://sophiacollective.org/tessa-thompson/


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