Episode 100: Deborah’s back with Cam: Simple Ways to Move Forward

May 23, 2020

Deborah & Cam discuss how easily anyone can make simple adjustments to improve their life while in the process of recovery and beyond. Life after TBI may not be what you had envisioned; it can be better, a new normal – taking you places, meeting people you never dreamed, living a happy, healthy life.

Deborah’s award winning book Becoming the Healer The Miracle of Brain Injury is packed full of helpful ideas for those going through medical trauma and those who care for them.  She has moved to North Carolina where she founded Awakenings: Center for Inner Healing & Empowerment  – a non-profit spiritual retreat & healing center as well as developing healing tools like Pocket Change to help others with positive change in a fun and easy way.

You may contact Deborah through the center at [email protected] or by phone at 828-645-9711 or through her Facebook page.

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