Episode 101 – Enjoy the recovery process. Bill shares his journey

July 18, 2020

Bill Torres just celebrated the fact that his stroke occurred 17 years ago when he was 68 and still working every day to improve, even though most people see him as someone who has made a complete recovery. Bill had a career as a teacher, a salesman, and an executive in two different food companies. And now his life is devoted to helping other stroke survivors to be inspired with their own recovery.

Listen to Bill and Professor Patricia Geist-Martin share this wonderful story.

Learn more about Bill on his site: billtorres.net  where you will find more video and lots of pictures.

More About Patricia Geist-Martin, Ph.D.


Patricia Geist-Martin (Ph.D. Purdue University) is a Professor in the School of Communication at San Diego State University.  Her research examines narratives and the process of storying identity, voice, ideology, & control in organizations, particularly in health and illness.   She has published five books, 

  1. Storied Health and Illness (2017) (with Jill Yamasaki and Barbara Sharf), 
  2. Communicating Health: Personal, Cultural, and Political Complexities (2004) (with Eileen Berlin Ray and Barbara Sharf), 
  3. Courage of Conviction: Women’s Words, Women’s Wisdom (1997) (with Linda A. M. Perry), 
  4. Negotiating the Crisis: DRGs and the Transformation of Hospitals (1992) (with Monica Hardesty).  
  5. Falling in Love with the Process: A Stroke Survivor’s Story (with Sarah Parsloe).

Her most recent book offers a case study of one man’s resilience in recovery from a severe stroke and the advocacy he maintains today.  

In addition, she is finalizing a manuscript entitled, The Infinite Now: A Mother’s Past, A Daughter’s Future, a memoir that tells the story of events in my life that mysteriously mirror events in my daughter’s childhood and how each moment with my daughter transposes into a moment with my own mother who died when I was 17.  Website: patriciageistmartin.com

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