What Is The Hand In Hand Show?

Stroke and TBI bring us together. We launched the Hand in Hand Show to help make the voice of the stroke and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) community heard.

Do you know the Hand in Hand Show is designed and run entirely by stroke survivors and caregivers? We know stroke and TBI.

Survivors, Caregivers And Support Groups, Let The World Hear You!

Researchers have told us how important it is to hear from survivors and caregivers of stroke and brain injury. Yet, worldwide, there are less than 300 survivors documenting and sharing their journeys. Not a single podcast channel is focused on survivor stories.

Let’s work together to change that. Stroke Awareness not only means educating survivors and caregivers, but also helping people understand what survivors and caregivers are going through. Your voice makes a difference!

Are you are a survivor, a caregiver, a business leader or healthcare professional with something to share with the stroke and TBI community? Are you writing a book, experimenting with a new therapy, running a support group or launching a new product? Let us help bring your voice to the air waves. In the US alone, there are 15-20 million people waiting to hear from someone like you.

Give us a try!

The Hand in Hand Show is fully integrated with iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio and Soundcloud. Young and growing, our podcast is easily searchable on platforms serving 1.4 billion listeners.

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