Why building this show?

We launched the Hand in Hand Show as we realized that especially in the early stage of recovery, survivors and families can be too overwhelmed or injured to read. Making it more challenging, information often exists in disorganized piecemeal on the Internet.  At the same time, listening to a podcast is a great alternative to reading. As a result, we created the Hand in Hand channel. The podcast is available on both iTunes and Google Play. The show releases a new episode each Sunday at 2 pm pst.

Who are the guests?

Our guests include survivors, caregivers, local group leaders, online group leaders, healthcare professionals and business people helping the stroke and TBI community. Please contact us to let us help you share your ideas, experience and insights. If stroke or TBI affects you, trust Hand in Hand to be your platform to get your voice heard.


Strokefocus – A new way to connect for the stroke & TBI community

The Hand in Hand Show is part of Strokefocus, also known as Wohaula, the winner of the 2017 Small Business Association’s (SBA) Innovation through Technology Business of the Year Award. It is a unique solution to survivors, families, support groups and all those helping the community, as it provides a fast, secure and easy to use  platform with the following benefits:

First, it offers many tools for the stroke and TBI community to share information and do peer to peer coaching.

Second, it enables local groups to collaborate easily while maintaining their own controls.

Last but not the least, it connects survivors and families with solutions. Stroke and TBI are leading causes of adult disability. As a result, mobility challenges keep survivors isolated. We estimate that out of every 1000 people who need support after discharge, no more than one is in a local group. The isolation makes it really hard for solution providers, survivors and families to find each other. To solve the problem, we created Strokefocus to let you create your own online community dedicated to stroke and TBI.