Episode 6 – the Strokefocus Story and the Hand in Hand Show

April 30, 2017

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Strokefocus and its podcast, Hand in Hand is today’s topic.

In this episode, Cam interviews Nancy, Alison and Daniel to understand how Strokefocus started.

Strokefocus started as Wohaula. In 2012, Daniel suffered a brainstem stroke before turning 41. Two fellow survivors made a tremendous difference to his recovery. One was Alison Shapiro. In 2002, Alison survived 2 brainstem strokes. Through her own remarkable recovery, she discovered that survivors could significantly improve the recovery outcome by effectively engaging themselves. She developed a program to help survivors.

Daniel found Alison through the internet. Alison coached Daniel in the most critical stage of his recovery. They never met in person. Yet the support significantly changed the course of Daniel’s recovery outcome.

Inspired by their own experience, in 2014, Daniel, his wife Hong, Alison and some friends started Wohaula, which meant I have survived in Mandarin. It is also known now as Strokefocus.

In building Wohaula, Daniel found Nancy Weckwerth, who is a caregiver and author. Nancy devoted 26 years to take care of her husband John, who suffered a massive stroke at the height of his musical career.

The team discussed their journey, Strokefocus and its unique philosophy. They also talked about its podcast program the Hand in Hand Show. Listen to episode to find out more…

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