Episode 8, Five Challenges Common To Caregivers

May 14, 2017

Stroke and TBI recovery can take a lifetime. A caregiver plays a critical role in supporting the survivor and the family. Nancy, who has been doing this for 27 years, is able to share Solutions to many problems, and Lessons Learned, to help other caregivers live better lives.

Caregiving is probably the most underappreciated, yet the most challenging job known today.

Host Cam Compton and Guest, Nancy Weckwerth (Author of “Don’t Stop the Music: Finding the Joy in Caregiving”) discuss the role of Caregivers for adults with catastrophic illness. As a caregiver, Nancy explains the top 5 challenges of Caregiving for a loved one and how she learned to solve those issues.

Also, check out Nancy’s previous episode on caregiving for stroke survivors.



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