Episode 15: LeaAnn Swinney, The Passion To Care

June 11, 2017

In 2012, LeaAnn was enjoying her life. She was a professional caregiver who loved her job. She was traveling in Central America enjoying the weather and food, when she suddenly collapsed.

Doctors found an issue with her heart. They placed a mechanical valve in her. LeaAnn gradually recovered. It seemed life was back on track again.

In Sept 2014, LeaAnn went for a dental surgery. Unexpectedly the surgery triggered an infection.

After the dental surgery, she started to throw up and had flu like symptoms for a month. LeaAnn went to see doctors who said it was just the flu.

One night, she went to bed one night with a strange headache. LeaAnn woke up the next morning and fell to her left side. When she woke up, it was in a hospital. LeaAnn had a stroke.

Life has been changed forever after that. One thing will never change- her passion as a caregiver. In her recovery, LeaAnn set up a Facebook support group. She also started working with Strokefocus to improve the stroke care. Listen to her episode.

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