Episode 26, One Hand Can – How Stroke Turned An Artist Into An Entrepreneur

July 30, 2017

Rosanna Radding was trained as a artist. Stroke hit her 22 years ago. It totally changed the course of her life.

After told by doctors that she could not recover much, Rosanna refused to accept the conclusion. She decided to find new meaning of her life. She started with cooking, then turned her experience into a business designing and making kitchenware for people with only one hand.

Listen to this remarkable story. How a stroke could turn a woman into a flourishing entrepreneur. Do not give up. Yes you can!

Find out more about Rosanna’s business at One Hand Can!

1’00’’ how did Rosanna come to the idea of One Hand Can

2’47’ Experience with OT

3’50’’ changes in Stroke rehab and care

4’40’’ You would not get anything back after 6 months?

6’10’’ Rosanna’s stroke story

7’04’’ Aside from cooking, what else does Rosanna do?

8’52’’ When did One Hand Can Start?

9’51’’ A little about Rosanna

10’05’’ Where to find Rosanna’s cooking video Gallery?

10’53 How many products does Rosanna offer?

12’10’’ How did Rosanna turn her web site into a business?

14’20’’ How is Rosanna’s design different from others’?

15’20’’ How to find Rosanna’s online store?

16’45’’ Don’t give up.


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