Episode 33 What Does A Veteran Therapist Say About Today’s Stroke Care

September 17, 2017

A veteran therapist, Tim Readman is the Executive Director of the Stroke Recovery Association of British Columbia and Professor at the UBC School of Rehabilitation Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine. He was also recently appointed as Senior Manager for Stroke Recovery with March of Dimes Canada.

Tim graduated from the University of Northumbria, England, as an occupational therapist.  He has been working with health care organizations in the non-profit sector since 1996 mainly in the field of organizational development.

In this interview, Tim is pretty vocal about the fact that despite remarkable progress achieved in the acute stage, not enough has been done to help survivors adjust to the new life and help them regain their functions post discharge. Most of survivor’s recovery is to be realized after not before discharge. Making support available post discharge deserves more attention. Let Tim tell you why there is such a disconnect.

Aside from his passion to help with stroke survivors, Tim is also a professional musician, producer and music journalist. Listen to Tim to find out his fun side!


The Free Lunch by Tim Readman


Find more about Tim on his site.

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