Episode 35 Laredo Stroke Support Group – Bring Fun and New Ideas to Stroke Support

October 1, 2017

Bill Hrncir, Deedee Hrncir and Paola Huerta

Paola Huerta, Executive Director

Laredo Stroke Support Group (LSSG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by stroke through meaningful group encouragement, local networking support, and free therapy services.

Years ago, Bill Hrncir, a successful entrepreneur in Laredo suffered a massive stroke. At that time, there was no local support for stroke survivors in Laredo. As Bill got better, he and his wife started this group to help fellow survivors in Laredo. Today, LSSG has grown into a vibrant organization under its executive director Paola Huerta.

In this interview, you will hear all the innovative ideas LSSG has adopted. The Group not only offers art classes, gardening classes and free therapy services, but has come up creative ways to organize car pooling and local social networking.

Deedee Hrncir will also share with you what the group does to raise fund. Their very successful Rock Concert event.

Let our host Nancy Weckwerth take you to this very eye opening interview.




LSSG Cyclists

LSSG Monthly Events

Exercise Class

Art Classes



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