Episode 43, Dr William Payne and myOwnDoctor.com

November 12, 2017

William Payne, CEO of MyOwnDoctors.com

Dr William Payne, a prominent surgeon in Chicago started MyOwnDortor.com, a telemedicine platform a few years ago. When he was a kid, William used to follow his dad, a successful doctor, to visit patients. Making it easy for patients and doctor to meet each other has always been his dream.
Today, MyOwnDoctor.com is growing to become a successful platform to bring patients and doctors together. William assembled a team of healthcare professionals and
What Sets MyOwnDoctor Product Apart:

MyOwnDoctor has the ability to host fully interactive (e.g., audio, video, and media sharing for all attendees) informations sessions that inform and empower patients and caregivers to improve their own health. Its solution can host 5000+ attendees per online event. This is significant when applied to Population Health. Currently, on the market, this is the only Telehealth company with this capability; and it is hard to replicate.

In addition, MyOwnDoctor has the ability to offer differentiated services like “Virtual Rounds” and/or to launch unique joint-ventures given we own the technology platform.

New Features Added to MyOwnDoctor in 2.0 – 2Q18 release:
Any healthcare provider(s) licensing MyOwnDoctor platform can:
  • Load their patients to message with them; conduct virtual visits (out-patient-related) or “rounds” (in-patient-related) with patients/caregivers; push information to patients/caregivers from the knowledge center, and include patients, caregivers, and medical professionals in webinars. Note: Patients and caregivers would be able to: self-schedule an appointment, attend a virtual virtual visit, round, or webinar, send a message and attach a file, photo, etc., and view media in the knowledge center.
  • Load doctors, medical professionals, or administrators they work with to message them, and conduct audio/video conferences with them.
  • Charge a subset of their patients a subscription fee via credit card or external invoice; charge another subset of their patients on a fee for service basis (pay-per-visit) whether as an out-patient (virtual visit) or an in-patient (virtual round); charge a third set of people that are not current patients, meaning not loaded into their “virtual practice”, and that are connecting via a media channel looking to see a doctor for a one-time episode on a pay-per-visit via credit card only; or charge a set fee to another doctor or an administrative person (e.g., workers compensation case manager, etc.) for the convenience of communicating virtually via “their” myowndoctor practice.
  • Embed a widget into a media channel for lead generation purposes so that non-patients/potential new patients can have access to him/her/them on a pay-per-visit basis. The landing page(s) for non-patients would be design to list/display the doctor name(s) and to group doctors by category (e.g., state, zip code, type of doctor, etc.) if applicable, display credentials, display and allow forms to be completed and sent (e.g., consent, pre-screening, etc.), self-schedule appointments, etc. 
  • Other capabilities include the ability to document notes, create an online prescription, an API to integrate with EMR or health devices, ability to confirm reimbursement applicability, a dashboard for settings / permissions, and application performance metrics / analytics.

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