Episode 79 Healing Into Possibility – Interview With Alison Shapiro, Strokefocus Cofounder

July 29, 2018

Alison Shapiro, Author, Educator, Co-founder of Strokefocus and Stroke Survivor

Alison Shapiro was a successful businesswoman and a visual artist when she was hit by 2 devastating brain stem strokes in 2002 at the age of 55. This life-changing event turned her into a leader, an author, and educator in the stroke community.

Alison not only recovered from the injury but published her inspiring book, Healing into Possibility and her DVD, What Now?: Sharing Brain Recovery Lessons. A strong believer of neuroplasticity, Alison runs a website healingintopossibiliy.com and provides coaching information to people who are interested in leveraging mindfulness to recover from the stroke.

Alison is the co-founder of Strokefocus. In Sept 2012, Daniel suffered a brain stem stroke. Through the internet, Daniel found Alison who has been mentoring and coaching Daniel ever since. Daniel recovered remarkably well from the injury. In order to turn their experience into something that can help many people, Alison encouraged Daniel to start Strokefocus in 2014.

Alison has been involved in a number of recovery-focused research projects. She created a successful stroke recovery training program which she teaches in California and Virginia.

Listen to her inspiring interview with Cam Compton.

Alison Shapiro telling her story

What Now

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