Episode 21, Dr Coralie English, Making Stroke Research Work For Survivors

June 25, 2017

Do you know there is an influential researcher advocating more interactions between researchers and survivors?

Do you know she is working hard to make her research more applicable to survivors? She is finding answers for questions such as how does sedentary behaviors affect survivors. How to make exercises feasible to survivors struggling with mobility challenges? Will group therapies help?

What are the typical steps of a stroke research? How do researchers validate their results?

Listen to Dr Carolie English. You will learn a lot through this interview.

1’24’’ What led Coralie Into Research.
3’50’’ Steps for a typical research project.
4’50’’ The design of tests.
7’00’’ The art of balance, pros and cons of being inclusive and exclusive in samples.
10’30’’ How are results validated?
11’08’’ How to avoid bias through randomization?
12’11’’ Example of randomization.
14’55’’ The best and worst part of being a researcher.
16’28’’ The excitement of working with researchers around the world.
18’15’’ The sedentary life style research.
20’55’’ What about those who can not exercise that much?
21’43’’ A new approach: 30 min exercise a week?
28’12’’ Working with TIA patients to minimize the risk of major stroke later on.
28’49’’ Standardization through International Steering Committee.
32’58’’ Studies on group therapies.
39’30’’ The impact of seeing others in a group relearning the same thing.
40’55’’ The biggest challenge to researchers – research money
41’59’’ The importance for researchers to engage survivors.

Dr Coralie English 

  1. Co-Chair Stroke Clinical Guidelines Development Working Group (National Stroke Foundation)
  2. Young Stroke Professionals Committee of the World Stroke Organisation (2014 to current)
  3. Steering Committee, Virtual International Stroke Trials (Rehabilitation)
  4. Stroke Society of Australasia Management Committee (2011-2015)
  5. Australian Stroke Coalition (2013-2015)
  6. Physiotherapy Research Foundation grant review committee (2011-2014)



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